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format : DIGITAL
release date : 26 / 09 / 08

1. the exaltics - solar one [04:32]
2. goliath - infinite space [02:50]
3. the exaltics - strange phantom lights [04.09]
4. goliath - molecular margins [06:06]
5. the exaltics - fragmented sands [05:35]
6. goliath - language of the cubes [05:01]
7. the exaltics - exaltic revenge [06:37]
8. goliath - undiscovered [03:42]

© and (p) 2008 Z-BOP.
Z-Bop brings to light the discovery of a genetic alignment of two complex entities. A molecular merging of new sound from amoeba to entity. Four transmissions from deep space life forms The Exaltics.
Four biological experiments from Z-Bop artist Goliath. Strips of coded DNA that form blue-prints for the future.

Z-Bop co-founder. A prolific and flourishing producer, working within experimental electronics and electro. Explores the borderlands between electro and sound design and reaches into new audio territory. Goliath is currently working with a number of other independent labels as well as producing new material for future Z-bop projects.

After studying the people of earth for many years the exaltics came to our planet in 2006 to transmit their message to the people. Here they created their own platform: "solaronemusic" for their final mission. Whilst being amongst us they built up connections with people that understood the exaltic mother tongue. Collaboration partners like Z-bop and Transient Force are examples of home bases on earth. The invasion begins...

[ www.the-exaltics.com ]


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reaction / feedback

"A split release from electro experimentalists The Exaltics and Goliath, charting the more technical, futuristic corners of the genre, bringing to mind the sounds of Bitstream, Dopplereffekt and the like. Both parties seem to excel at mid-tempo productions that dwell on strange, sci-fi inspired harmonies and sound effects - a notion compounded by a track like The Exaltics' 'Strange Phantom Lights', which is evocative of all the usual electro clichés: visions of robots overthrowing their human masters that sort of thing. And let's face it, the world would be a poorer place without this sort of fare, and both sets of artists no precisely what they're doing, exhibiting no short supply of accomplishment within the well-worn genre guidelines."